TDM focuses on satisfaction with the management aims. In accordance with the technical needs of customers, turnkey project solutions are presented.TDM, analyzing the current structure while creating solutions according to customer requests, create structures being expandable. TDM is 24/7 supporter of its customers, with basic principle of permanency and continuity in providing post-sale services as well as pre-sale services. With the approach of seeing customers’ success and development as its own, TDM aims to form an interactive and professional bond with the customers.

TDM, besides sales of end-user projects, provides service to every province in Turkey, thanks to the active channel of resellers and professional staffs. Our company works with a belief of that knowledge grows when it is shared; therefore, companies and dealers offered solutions related to emerging technologies are provided with a continuous flow of information. Getting benefit from this synergy is only a phone call away.

TDM is a technology company offering special solutions to their customers by using any active devices. TDM, aiming to grow constantly depending on the concept of the company, is a “System Integrator” which pinpoints customers’ technical needs in advance and produces turnkey solutions to these needs. TDM; combining technology, experience and manpower with customer-oriented management philosophy, supports all of new technological developments in the sector by creating competition in the market and is willing to take part in any ‘Networking’ projects which will move us forward.

Our Certificates

ISO 27001


ISO 22301


OHSAS 18001