Watson modem line, which has been the most preferred brand for especially at locations where there is a problem with long-distance in PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) transmission in recent years, works as two modems, Plug-in and Tabletop.


They are used with2Mb PCM connections and ISDN PRI connections. The greatest advantage of this modem, in comparison with similar product lines such as Keymile and Pair Gain, is the capability of using each line leg separately as 1 mb and in total of 2mb owing to Pyload Line settings at remote distances and the support it receives from Telekom due to its keen use.

Thanks to this feature, you can overcome the lack of connectivity at locations, which have not met 2mb due to distance problem with each line leg, working with 1 mb.


Pinout of Watson modems are line up as 3-6/4-5 on the Line side, and as 1-2/4-5 on G703. In addition, when you set the modem of the customer as LT, then you can control both G703 and configuration legs by accessing the modem at Telekom side with the help of remote modem control feature. In this way you will get the advantage with your time of fault clearance.


TDM provides its customers with professional services for supply, installation and troubleshoot and restoring of TDM Watson product family, which are recognized with experience and expertise in the field of Telekom infrastructures.