Rapidly evolving technology has now become difficult to keep up with. Up until very recently, event connecting a few computers together and get them interact was highly costly. As the technology advances, nowadays both network configuration and data exchange on high-bandwidth are very cost effective that cannot be compared with the past.


Accordingly, parallel to these developments in technology, factors such as high heat, fluid flow, wind, vibration and high magnetic fields, which constrain computer and communication system with the maximum level, or even prevent them from working, just like in energy, transportation, industrial facilities, are no longer obstacles. Thanks to new generation chassis, motherboards, communication protocols and connection types, all the obstacles were eliminated. So there are products available, which can wrap up in a short time continue communication even if they are struck by lightning,

Thus under favor of these high-tech products, at all centers all vital data can be instantly tracked such as in vital facilities, railway and highway; the wind intensity, direction, blade rotation speed, the generated amount of electricity in wind turbine: catchment levels, water discharge, pressure value in dams: approach speed, traffic density and flow velocity, location of vehicles and speed of movement in railway and road. Moreover, thanks to this technology human errors and leaks are also eliminated. Such that vehicles can travel without a driver or mechanic, they can take fuel on at fuel pumps.


So, TDM keeps up with this technology and the needs of the industry closely, and produces projects using leading products such as Westermo, Moxa, Kyland, Robustel, and Keymile. Continuously keeping pace with the technology, it aims to quickly suggest the most appropriate products that address the needs of customers, and to prepare a product demo in the same way.