TDM provides brand independent solutions to meet the structured cabling requirements of  its customers. It also provides engineering, feasibility studies, consulting services during the design of these requested services / products.


In the structured cabling projects, solution are offered by using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Multi Mode and Single Mode F / O cable categories. One of the important aspects of the data communication is undoubtedly energy infrastructure. Thus,  while Data infrastructure is designed, the electrical and Ups infrastructure is concomitantly designed as well.


In line with the customers’ demands, speed criteria for audio-visual, data communication are determined. In the direction of this demands, indoor and outdoor survey of the customer is carried out and the most appropriate products are assigned accordingly. The structured cabling process covers survey, design, installation, testing and certification process.  As solution partner and with our solutions that come with 15, 20 and 25 year performance warranty depending on the manufacturer, we have been collaborating with the best manufacturers in the segment in our solutions such as AMP, Systimax, Legrand, Molex, Panduit and HCS.

The Structured Cabling Systems is the part of the network system, where business-critical applications run, which is used for the longest period. There is not another part of  Network systems that is used as long as cabling infrastructure.  Such an important element, cabling infrastructure makes only 2% of the total network investments, and 80% of network problems we encountered have been identified as caused at core by incorrect design  and cabling of wiring systems.


TDM, with holistic view of it expert staff on network systems and experience, builds structured cabling systems for its customers that can be smoothly used for many years.

It is possible to collect our structured cabling services under the following headings;

Data Cabling

  • Cable Ducts
  • UTP
  • STP / FTP
  • Fiber
  • Coax
  • Token
  • Ring Twinax
  • Data socket connection
  • Patch panel connection
  • 19 “rack cabling
  • Testing and labeling

Phone Wiring

  • Line installation
  • Socket, krone connection
  • Testing and labeling

Electrical Installation

  • Electrical line
  • UPS line
  • Ground connection
  • The socket, fuse mounting

System Control Room Setup

  • Raised floor
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems (FM200)
  • Fire Prevention Systems (oxyreduct)