Computer networks, which enable institutions to be successful and increase their productivity and communication skills, have now become the most important factor. It is important that scalable networks that combine voice, video, data transfer and storage into a single, end-to-end, intelligent network are established for growing businesses, enterprises and service providers. Undertaking all communication on a single infrastructure offers several advantages such as reducing costs, increasing productivity and efficiency, eliminating the chaos and conflict arising from using separate networks and offering scalability. Switches as one of the most important components of computer networks are used for connecting components on the network together, directing date to reach its destination and easily transferring low and high density data.  Owing to the fact that switches offer advanced multiple services and applications, they eliminate the need for multiple networked through and reduce costs.

Support, by partnering with the industry`s manufacturers that offer most comprehensive switching solutions such as Allied Telesyn, Avaya, Cisco Systems, HP Procurve, addresses the requirement of small to large organizations and service providers. Our solutions meet the needs of the entire campus ranging from simple high-end connectivity to multi-layered intelligent switching solutions.


Nowadays, in order workers to be productive in growing businesses, their collaboration and communication their need to be perfect. A correct LAN infrastructure enables workers to communicate quickly and safely. That Wireless local area network, IP Phone and real-time communication support switching hardware is very important in terms of cost reduction.

In addition to needs of individuals in the network design, the general needs of institutions should be considered as well.  Switches and various applications as well as management software solutions can allow easy network management.


  • Growing Businesses – Small Branch Offices


Connectivity with basic and smart services

Direct connection of masses to the router without the need for a distribution switch


  • Medium-Sized Businesses – Branch Offices


High accessibility backbone with IP routing and intelligent services

Access / edge level, Layer 2-4 QoS (quality of service) and Security


  • Large Campus Networks


High-availability redundant core structure


Building A – Core connection with a smart services distribution level. Access / Edge level rate limiting and security filtering

Building B – the provision of the same functions with Building A through multilayer switches and IP routed and enhanced intelligent services.