Data is one of the most important assets for individuals and companies. Therefore, data is the primary asset that requires the best protection. In a globalizing world, as a result of rapid developments in the IT sector and the power of the industry, attacks to data have increased at the same rate.


Data and information security can be provided not only in the environment it is stored but also, when it is transmitted, without compromising the integrity of data, preventing access to these data both at its main location and during transmission.

Ensuring that data are accessible by authorized persons safely and in the fastest way, during transmission is as important as Protecting data and business processes such as, systems and networks against all attacks.  Data operating infrastructure which is established and structured based on accurate scenario building and similarly an information system which is correctly structured in terms of security and accessibility are required for competitive advantage, cash flow, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image.


Today 50% of the reasons behind bankruptcy or loss of companies are due to not well-structured and not well-managed information systems, therefore companies now are more cautious when creating data processing infrastructures. In addition, under the law No. 5651, all public institutions and organizations should comply with the law and keep time-stamped and signed logs of all Internet connections.  These logs are vital for data movements indoor inside the company, and also prevent any big trouble for companies or heir managers that are caused by an error of and irresponsible staff.


So, TDM, being well aware of all these factors, while it protects all valuable data such as information, audio and video data, provides services to its customers with expert and experienced staff in the field. Accordingly, TDM has a staff of experts in installation and application of credible security keys such as Cisco, Fortigate, Cyberroam and Zywall.