Wide Area Network Infrastructure solutions should meet the requirement of growing businesses and depending on these requirements, security, accessibility, and cost are of great importance.

Due to the fact that because information transmitted over the network is important, security is one of the most important concerns of growing businesses. Therefore the network needs to be protected very well. In addition, that networks not to go out of service is important in terms of the continuation of the workflow. Thus, users can access any network and information at any moment needed.

Wide area networks are communication networks that connect two locations employing different protocols and technologies, which are geographically so far from each other that connection cannot be done through direct connection. When configuring wide area network connections, it crucial that appropriate technology should be used between the points as well as producing the optimal solution that is important both for performance and costs reduction.

With the help of our Wide Area Network Infrastructure solutions, growing businesses can reduce the costs associated with the networks and gain investment protection. Moreover, our solutions are open for future solutions such as Mobility and IP Communications solutions as well as. The Advantages of Wide Area Networking Solutions are as follows:


  • Maximization of business flexibility


  • Cost reduction


  • Increased productivity


  • Carrying out works online


  • Management of increased network traffic


  • To be able to accommodate more network users (internal and external)


  • Reduction of service downtime for critical business applications


  • Accessibility and flexibility, growing businesses can improve network failure tolerance, optimize bandwidth use and easily switch to united voice, data and video networks.


  • Solutions such as mobility and IP Communications can be easily added to networks formed from fully integrated components conforming the standards.