When speaking of the most common use of DXXI network that Telekom uses in TDM infrastructures, of course TELLABS modems comes to mind. In addition to Leased Line and Frame Relay connections, they are recently used in ISDN PRI networks as well. STU-160 model is used with 256Kb and 2Mb speed, CTUS-8110 and HTU-2M models, 64  and 128Kb circuits. Tellabs modems can work both with 4 and 2 cables. In 4 cable models, it can operate as backup for 2 cable modems. When 109 line meets with LEDS located at the front of HTU-2M series, when 104 NMS is activated and 103 and 105 lights gets active as the router is connected. Furthermore, in this series, speed setting and loop testing can be performed on modem.

TDM, thanks to its experience and expert staff, is one of the rare companies that is capable of configuring all modems in Tellabs series, connecting with modem and performing loop testing.


Tellabs modems, depending on your requirement, are available in two different models, V35 and G703 ports.  Pinout of Tellabs modems are line up as 3-6/4-5 on the Line side, and as 1-2/4-5 on G703 output. You can call TDM for V35 and console type pinout.